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Legal Services


Since 1970 the Gullo Law Offices deal with Canon Law pleading cases and petitions  (in Italian, French, Spanish, English and Portuguese) in Ecclesiastic Diocesan and Interdiocesan Tribunals, The Ecclesiastic Tribunal of the Vatican City State, The Tribunal of the Sacred Roman Rota and The Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura; locations where the defence of parties is conducted over contentious marriage jurisdiction in obtaining a declaration of marriage nullity, the many hypothesis for marriage dissolution, the separation from spouses and child custody etc.
    Moreover, since 1970 the Gullo Law Offices have distinguished themselves in dealing with law-suits (appeals, querela nullitatis, nova causae propositio, restitutio in integrum etc.), iurium, of which they are proud to possess an all, but unique expertise, boasting a wide legal representation that ranges from damage compensation to contentious trials over inheritance, leases, sales, criminal cases and in specific, in defamation matters.
    Since 1980, the Gullo Law Offices have been one of the very few authorized in the world to deal with administrative appeals in Congregations, in Roman Curia and in The Apostolic Signatura, specializing in the suppression of parishes, reducing profane and non indecorous use of churches, removal and transferring of parish priests, claustral imposition and resignation from Institutes of Vita Consacrata, infliction of administrative sentences etc., with an all, but unique knowledge of the regular order of proceedings and of the administrative law.
    Since then, the Gullo Law Offices have offered its expertise to numerous Ecclesiastic Authorities (Bishops, Religious Superiors etc.) in writing out singular law decrees and the development of pastoral programs.
    At present, the Gullo Law Offices dispose of the permanent collaboration of Carlo Gullo, Lawyer of the Sacred Rota and of the Holy See and of Alessia Gullo, also Lawyer of The Sacred Rota and of the Roman Curia, and moreover of other practitioners residing in Rome, in other Italian cities and abroad. They also dispose of the internal counseling resources of Dr. Benedetta Gullo, a psychotherapist, in cases of defectus usus rationis, defectus discretionis iudici, incapacitas assumendi onera coniugalia, of the incapacity to exercise priestly responsibilities etc.